Financial Wellness at Work

Changing Financial Lives

July 22, 2022 Financial Finesse Season 1 Episode 1
Financial Wellness at Work
Changing Financial Lives
Show Notes

Your host, Liz Davidson, and Kristina Keck, Vice President of Retirement Plan Services at Woodruff Sawyer, are friends, colleagues, and experts in financial wellness coaching delivered as an employee benefit. They’re also borderline obsessed with helping people take control of their financial lives. In episode #1, they are joined by Julie Everett, CFP® and Financial Coach at Financial Finesse, who provides a glimpse into her everyday helping employees transform their financial lives through personalized and ongoing coaching.

Key points from this episode:

  • Insight into Julie’s journey to Financial Finesse and why she became a Financial Coach.
  • Reducing the stress of financial issues and taking action to change your circumstances.
  • Kristina reflects on how Woodruff Sawyer is adjusting post-COVID.
  • Why Kristina believes that financial wellness starts at work.
  • How your mental and physical health is directly affected by financial stress.
  • Surprising Julie with a story of the impact she had on one family’s financial life.
  • Key takeaways from this story and what listeners stand to learn from it: identify your plan!
  • Kristina shares some tips for finding and leveraging your available resources and benefits.
  • Another example of a positive financial change that Julie helped a Financial Finesse user make.   
  • What you can look forward to in the Financial Wellness at Work Podcast!

Quotes from this episode: 

“At the end of the day, your financial wellness starts at work because that’s where your paycheck [comes from].” — Kristina Keck [7:17]

“You’ve got to know where you’re going and then you’ve got to know what resources  you have available that are going to help get you there so that you’re not just grinding away like a hamster on a hamster wheel.” — Julie Everett [12:38]

“No one can go through this journey of building the life they want alone and get as far as they can without support.” — Liz Davidson [24:48]

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