Financial Wellness at Work

You Don’t Need a Comma in Your Bank Account to Seek Financial Guidance

July 22, 2022 Financial Finesse Season 1 Episode 2
Financial Wellness at Work
You Don’t Need a Comma in Your Bank Account to Seek Financial Guidance
Show Notes

No matter who we are or where we come from, we all face challenges when it comes to our finances. The goal of this podcast is to break the taboo about money conversations and today, we are joined by Brian Kelly, one of our esteemed Financial Coaches, and his client, Tiffany Brown to share her story. Tiffany has been working with Brian for two years and in that time she has paid off her credit card debt, started an emergency fund, bought a new home, and changed how she thinks about money. In our conversation, we take a look at what it means to have true financial freedom and the factors that influenced Tiffany’s own financial behavioral changes. We find out how Tiffany’s awareness and commitment to her goals have led to her success, and why it’s important to strike a balance when it comes to budgeting. Tune in to hear Tiffany’s financial journey and how you, too, can achieve financial freedom! And remember, you don’t need a comma in your bank balance to seek financial guidance!

Key points from this episode:

  • Introducing Financial Coach, Brian Kelly, and his client, Tiffany Brown.
  • Tiffany shares her financial story and how she connected with Financial Finesse.
  • Her financial picture then and now!
  • The positive changes financial coaching has made in her life.
  • Brian’s first impression of Tiffany and his experience working with her and getting to know her.
  • What true financial freedom is.
  • The finance-related lessons Tiffany wishes to impart to her children.
  • The effort required to change your thinking around money.
  • What influences Tiffany’s financial behavior.
  • What has driven Tiffany’s success, as Brian sees it (willingness to do the work, commitment).
  • Tiffany’s commitment to her goals.
  • The importance of striking a balance and not falling into a mindset of deprivation.
  • Tiffany's final words of advice: You don’t need a comma in your bank balance to seek financial advice!

Quotes from this episode: 

"The intent of the podcast is to break through money taboos and get everyone to realize, that we all face challenges with money. Speaking out, sharing what we've gone through, and any advice we may have, to really pay it forward is going to be one of the things that gets us to be a much more financially healthy society." — Liz Davidson [1:19]

“When you have the knowledge, you have so much power, and I did not have the knowledge prior to meeting Brian.” — Tiffany Brown [8:16]

“[Money] is just a resource that will allow you to live a life that you desire.” — Tiffany Brown [9:56]

“Each of us could be so much further financially if we knew that happiness is inward.” — Tiffany Brown [18:02]

“You have to believe that you can have this too. You can be debt-free. You can have an emergency fund.” — Tiffany Brown [29:00]

“You do not need to have a number in the bank that has a comma in it, to seek financial advice … It’s applicable at all income brackets.” — Tiffany Brown [31:10]

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