Financial Wellness at Work

Empowering Financial Coaching Following a Tragic Loss

September 15, 2022 Financial Finesse Season 1 Episode 5
Financial Wellness at Work
Empowering Financial Coaching Following a Tragic Loss
Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of Financial Wellness at Work. Joining us in conversation today is Julie Everett, a financial coach at Financial Finesse. We also have Sarah Kaney here to tell us how Julie helped her to take control of her finances after the tragic loss of her husband to cancer. Hear how having a financial coach she could trust made all the difference in Sarah’s journey, and how Julie’s knowledge and measured approach helped position Sarah to thrive financially, to the extent that she was able to make two small angel investments in businesses she was passionate about. Julie also shares how opening up to Sarah helped her to process her own partner’s diagnosis, and how Julie in turn helped to educate her. 

Key points from this episode:

  • Julie Everett, a financial coach with Financial Finesse, and Sarah Heney, who worked with Julie, share a bit about themselves. 
  • Sarah’s experience caring for her husband and, eventually, coping with his loss. 
  • How Sarah worked with Julie to rebuild her financial life and gain financial confidence.
  • How Julie helped Sarah navigate the pressure she felt from others to buy a house and why holding out turned out the be the best option for Sarah. 
  • Why it was so helpful for Sarah to have a financial coach she could trust.
  • How the duo approached assessing the numbers every time an opportunity arose.
  • Sarah’s ability to identify resources that were available to her.
  • How Sarah learned to make her money work for her rather than against her.
  • The angel investments Sarah was able to make into small, female-run businesses she cared about once she took control of her finances.
  • Julie’s experience of sharing her partner’s diagnosis with Sarah and finding support.
  • Why women in particular should get educated about financial wellness.

Quotes from this episode:

“It was amazing having you guys as a resource because it was someone that I knew I could trust.” —Sarah Kaney [5:40]

“Sometimes the decisions you don’t make can be as powerful as the ones you do.” — Liz Davidson [6:43]

“I was confused because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Spending time with Julie, I was able to really have a solid understanding of where I am at. It saved me!” — Sarah Kaney [11:23]

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